CS205 Spring 2014 - Fundamentals & Issues of Using the Internet

The Internet is a part of our everyday lives and it has transformed our culture. Our course addresses this transformation from two perspectives:

  • The fundamentals of what is out there, where it comes from, and how it works, from a non-Computer-Science-major perspective, and
  • The issues raised by adapting our culture to the changing nature of communication, business, and publishing.

Both of these perspectives are wrapped up in a sphere of technology that changes every day. News headlines and popular culture reflect our constant fascination with the information revolution.

This page is maintained by the students of Computer Science 205, Fundamentals and Issues of Using the Internet, at Saint Anselm College. It is a collaborative resource for students past and present to post links to interesting readings, news stories, and humor involving the major topics of the course.

Topics this site covers include:

We hope that students both within this course and without it enjoy and benefit from the resources here.

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