Cloud Computing

General Outline of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the capability to run a particular application on many different computers. It is anything outside of a firewall, where you can add certain things without having to pay for a new router or subscription, this includes a number of social networking sites, email servers, a lot of mobile on-line gaming, e-commerce and more. Instead of having to buy the software again for every new computer or device you have you only have to download one application on that new device, and this would allow anyone on that device to log into web based services that has all those programs on it.


Examples of Cloud Computing

An example of cloud computing is the Apple software ICloud, as well as Google Play. Email programs such as G-mail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are also examples of Cloud Computing because it is a way to be able to access their program using their accounts rather than having a different account for each computer. The idea Cloud Computing is not new, but, in fact, this form of the idea is getting new life from web services such as, Sun Microsystems, and IBM because they recently now offer storage and virtual servers that anyone can be admitted to by logging into their servers.


Relevance to the Course

Concerning computer science, Cloud Computing will help to reduce the costs of computing. Instead of buying really fast computers that can store a lot of items, Cloud Computing makes it necessary to only have certain hardware such as a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and limited processing power. This is because you just need enough power to connect to the "cloud", and once you are connected the Cloud Computing takes care of the rest, from storing what you want to running the applications you need to use.


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Popular Culture / Media

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Many of the social media platforms that are a main part of today's pop culture have even used cloud computing in their technologies!



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