HTML-Stands for Hyper-Text Markup language


Who created HTML?

-HTML was invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, who wanted to make it easier for scientists to access to each other's research documents. It became much more popular than he expected and grew into the world wide web as we know it today.

Description of HTML

-HTML is used to create webpages, which are displayed by web browsers. Hypertext is the process of linking objects together so that when an object is clicked it can open another link. It Is created using certain commands and tags, which can be understood and displayed by the browser. The proper format must be followed in order for the webpage to be shown correctly.For example, each HTML document must begin with <html>, <head> and <body>, and the document is finished with </body> and </html>. Different webpages may contain various fonts, sizes, links and pictures deeding on which commands are written. Every color has a different 6 letter code that follows the structure #FFFFFF.

-HTML is a great tool for up and coming college graduates looking for jobs. Adding this to your resume can increase your chances of landing that dream position. Knowing how to create and edit webpages is an exceptional skill to have in the real world and can be seen as a building block for your own personal career. [edit by Greg Crovo plus pic below]


Web Browsers

-Once the page has been created using a program like Notepad or Dreamweaver, web browsers have to interpret the HTML documents and correctly display them. There are many different internet browsers that are able to display this information, and they include Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Safari.

-To get a better understanding of the internet and what it is made up of please look at the page called Introduction to the Internet. It highlights the differences between the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet.

In Recent News

-HTML is a simple way of creating a webpage, which portrays information about an individual or a company. It is a convenient way of exchanging information by making it accessible to anyone. In today's society almost everything can be found online, and at the heart of the World Wide Web is HTML.


This is a video tutorial of creating an HTML file

Here is another tutorial video that covers HTML in 12 minutes

Structure of a HTML Webpage


Timeline of HTML


-As you can see, HTML has grown a great deal from where it started in 1990. The latest standard for HTML is HTML 5 and it was designed in 2012. HTML 5 will work whether you are using a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Another cool thing about HTML 5 is that it can display various movies, graphics, animation and music without any additional plugins.

Importance of HTML 5


-HTML 5 is the fifth version of the original HTML. The goal of this new language is to support the latest in multimedia devices while keeping the language easily readable by humans and understood by computers and devices. Many of the features available in HTML 5 were created to provide a easy acsess to mobile applications. Many of the applications on today's smart phones and tablets are designed to run on HTML 5.

Relevance to CS205

-HTML is extremely relevant to this class because it is one of the fundamentals of using the internet. Everybody should know this computer language so they can build and edit their own webpages. The internet and computer programming have become increasingly popular in recent years, so it is imperative that everybody understands how to use HTML. In this day and age social networking is also growing rapidly, so it is recommended to stay on top of the new technology.



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