Malicious Software

Malicious Software
There are many different kinds of Malicious Software. Some can cause major damage and some do minimal damage.

Some examples of Malicious Software are:

  1. Adware
  2. Virus
  3. Worm
  4. Trojan Horse

Malicious Software-Video Edited by: Tayla Trask

Adware tends to be more of a nuisance than a threat to the computer and its users, it has a low danger level and is mostly comprised of advertisement.


Computer viruses require human interaction with a computer and can be easily passed from computer to computer from clicking on hazardous links. Some viruses can be completely harmless while others can be extremely destructive.



Worms a do not require human interaction with a computer, they can easily pass through computer networks and slow down the system but using your computer's resources. Some worms are capable of spreading through multiple computers. This is a dangerous software.


A trojan horse slips through the firewall of a computer in the form of a particular program that is disguised as something else which could come through an e-mail, when you click on the program, the trojan horse becomes active on your computer. This is a dangerous software. A trojan horse is capable of recording keystrokes and gaining access to your computer.


How to Protect Yourself against Malicious Software

The most basic way of protection from malicious software is password security. Passwords are generally the first form of protection against these forms of software. You should never give out any passwords to anyone in order to protect your personal information and your computer. A good password includes at least one number, contains six characters, includes different symbols and also incorporates both upper and lower case letters. The best way to protect yourself from this malicious software is to install anti-virus software and keep it up to date. It is also imperative that Firewall is installed on your computer in order to protect against bots. It is important to not download any unknown software provided to you in untrustworthy sources such as chat rooms or invalid e-mails.

How this relates to Fundamentals and Issues of Using the Internet

The topic of malicious software is extremely relevant to this course because it teaches us how to protect our personal information and our computers and other devices from harmful viruses, worms, and trojan horses. It is important that we learn about malicious software and the ways in which we protect ourselves from the software so that we are knowledgeable of the defense systems such as firewall and anti-virus software.




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