On Line Gaming

What is On-Line Gaming?

Online gaming is a technology that can connect people from all over the world. It involves multiplayer interaction with people all over the world on the computer network. Also, online gaming can be referred to having to do with online gambling because online poker, which many people play, is done on a computer. It is played on different varieties of machines. What all these machines have in common is being able to use the Internet. To do online gaming Internet is very crucial or you wouldn't be able to do it. There are different varieties of games that can be played too. They range from different forms of gambling to multiplayer interaction such as mine craft.


Why is Online Gaming Popular?

Online gaming is popular due to the range of games people can play online. There are single player and multiplayer games, which get a widespread amount of popularity. With the single players games, the aspect of head to head battle and competition peak interest of all ages and all over the world. In other ways online gaming is growing in popularity is that players can speak to each other. With such gaming systems as PlayStation and XBOX, players can play online due to the use of a Ethernet cord and an online subscription to the gaming system. Being able to play online with these consoles allows players to use headsets to talk to each other. This increases interaction and competition with the game creating more interest.

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CLASH OF CLANS- A very popular app for smart devices that continues to grow. Leaves the user in charge of their own clan to attack and defend against other gamers.

CALL OF DUTY- One of the top games in gaming industry Call of Duty offers many different gameplay modes including online where you can play with and against other gamers.



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Relevance to Fundamentals and Issues of Using the Internet

On-Line Gaming industry is growing exponentially in todays world. With the increasing amount of game players online there is an increased risk to online gaming security. Hackers, thieves and viruses are an ongoing concern within the gaming community. A lot of games require passwords and usernames as well as some account information that can be stolen or breached. Experienced hackers can get into your gaming account and mess around with whatever they please, from demoting a users level and/or achievements. Along with those threats the hacker could also charge upgrades or special offer packages to your credit card or account. These are some of the examples of the relevance that online gaming has within the fundamentals and issues of using the internet course.

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Advantages to Online Gaming
Online gaming can quite literally make the whole world your playground. The same games are available throughout the world, and anyone can join in. You can play with friends or family who live in other countries, and chat with them as if they were in the same room. You can talk via text, or using a microphone and even a webcam – it’s the next best thing to being there.
Free games:
Many online gaming sites provide simple, free games paid for by advertising – Angry Birds has been one of the most popular. These sites, including social-networking sites like Facebook, often allow you to log in to an online account. This means you can access in-game achievements and progress from any computer, so you can take your games with you, whether you’re going on holiday or even if you’ve got some free time at work.

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